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2008 Collezione De Marchi Chardonnay

The De Marchi family's estate was one of the first major vineyards to plant and produce a very successful Chardonnay in Italy. The man now in charge, Paolo De Marchi, has really brought great success to his family name with his respected Isolo e Oleno label. Paolo considers Piedmont his heart's home, but the vineyards and winery are in Tuscany -- so, I'd call that Piedmont heart with a Tuscan soul -- and that alone made me want to try his juice.

I've had a bottle of 2008 Collezione De Marchi Chardonnay for some time now, but finally got a chance to pop it. What a wonderous wine. The beautiful nose is lightly floral, with pear, apricot, muscat, and wet stone. The first taste brings racing acidity, followed by lovely tropical fruit, as well as that aforementioned wet stone. Very well balanced. And don't get me started on the finish, which literally went on over a minute, finishing with a lingering of kaffir lime.

As the night, and the wine, progressed, quite a bit more oak shone through, which was not initially as prevalent. This brought out more new-world Chard flavors for sure, but was not too at all overpowering. Soon after the oak started asserting itself more, I got a pleasant bit of petrol coming through, similar to what I sometimes find in Grenache Blancs.

I Loved this wine -- it's straddling some line between old and new world Chardonnay. What's say you and me buy up a bunch of vintages and have a vertical -- deal? Deal.

Grape Expectations out of Richmond CA (where else?) is the importer. Snag it!

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