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Podcast Editing Time!

We had a great interview with Adam Love, winemaker at Two Mile Wines last week. I am currently cataloging the audio and beginning work on the first episode, which I plan to release mid-December, with more to come, of course. I'll also be putting a teaser up here soon! Please feel free to get in touch with me at VinoRadio[at]




Vino Radio is born. After a lot of hand wringing over the name of my new Podcast and Blog, I have settled on Vino Radio -- much of the decision was made for me as 98% of the URLs I was looking for are parked -- let's hear a big Halloween "boooooo!" to URL parking. So although no site is up yet, I have reserved.

The goal of my podcast is to bring you interesting stories about Wine people, with a focus on local growers and makers. I have interviews lined up with the winemakers of both Two Mile and Periscope (both are East Bay "urban wineries") and will be lining up more soon. It's very exciting. I also have an interview and "bottling day" lined up with an as-of-yet unnamed winery's founder and winemaker, Gabriel Froymovich.

My plan is to bring together my love of wine and my love of sound and music. I will be creating original music for the podcast and hopefully doing some interesting editing and sound effects (mad props to RadioLab). So, please stayed tuned, there is more to come...

Michael Myers

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