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Memorial Day Weekend? Think pink.

If you know me at all, you probably know damn well that I view warm weather and lazy days as just another good excuse to drink pink. Even before it became trendy, I was proud to say that I loves me some Rosé. 

And really, let's get real here, when I think pink, my go-to country is most definitely France. Provence? Delicious. Bandol? C'mon - ridiculously good. And today, my friends, I'm hitting the Pyrenees and heading straight into the Languedoc.

I just popped (er, screwed) a bottle of 2011 Domaine Begude Vin de Pays d'Oc Rosé. For $13, this is a screaming deal of a wine, and it's made from 100% Pinot Noir. The nose is brilliant for a hot, sunny day in the backyard. Fresh strawberries and, dare I say, watermelon Jolly Ranchers on the nose (and I mean that in a good way), a bright, palate cleansing acidity on the palate with tart strawberry and a generous minerality (hey, it's from the Pyrenees for crying out loud), and a long pomelo-esque finish really make this wine wonderful for food. It'll easily stand up to salad dressing, but give it to me with fried calamari, thank-you very much. Or just goddamn quaff it down during your bocce game.

If you can't find Domaine Begude - don't fret. Find a good wine store and ask them to point you to their favorite French Rosés. You really can't go wrong. Or, hey VinoRadio is here to help. And also here, for that matter.

Did I mention I loves me some Rosé? Have a great weekend.


Modest Mondays - Over the Edge

A quality Pinot for less than $15? You bet. Behold "Over the Edge" Pinot Noir from Martinborough, New ZealandOne trick to find great values in wine under $15 is to drink wines from regions that offer value. Two weeks ago, we mentioned Côte du Rhône is one such region. Another trick is to seek entry level wines from great producers.

Escarpment from Martinborough, New Zealand is producing excellent single vineyard Pinot Noirs, and fortunately for our everyday drinking needs, they also make a wonderful entry level pinot as well, "Over the Edge" Pinot Noir.

Now, making a quality pinot noir for under $15 is no easy task, but the folks at Escarpment have it down. Their last several vintages have had the critics singing their praise rating "Over the Edge" between 88-90 points. The 2010 "Over the Edge" is another quality effort with red berry, cherry and spice on the nose with flavors of red berries and plums fleshing out this medium-bodied red. True to the cool climate of the region, the wine finishes with a bright acidity while hints of black tea linger as the last impression on the palate.

As usual, I found that this red showed more depth and complexity with a little time in the decanter, so if you can remember to unscrew the cap of the "Over the Edge" ahead of time and decant it for 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy all this wine has to offer. What? Yes, I said unscrew. The wine has a screw cap closure and there is no reason to think any less of it.

To unscrew and enjoy "Over the Edge" in San Francisco (or to have it shipped to you), head to K&L Wines, where you’ll find it for $14, and if you’re in the East Bay, you can find it for $12 at The Wine Mine.


Hansel - 2002 North Slope RRV Pinot Noir

What's that I said?  No oak balance in Russian River Valley Pinots? Ah, well, um - I take it back.  This earthy funky elegant bottle screams old-school Burgundy, and wowed a room of New-World-jaded oenophiles at a recent tasting.  This is the kind of wine you search for immediately the next day (ahem, which is exactly why it's out of stock at JJ Buckley right now, haha - my posse snatched it all up). Here's the only place I'm seeing it on wine-searcher as of today.  Walter Hansel just kills it.