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Modest Mondays - PeciƱa 2009 Cosecha Rioja (Joven)

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña is one of the most traditional Rioja producers out there, and it's always a pleasure to enjoy their wines. This is another great producer who is imported by José Pastor. For the record, I prefer traditional as opposed to modern Riojas primarily because I usually get a much greater sense of terroir, purity, and uniqueness with the traditionals -- plus, they are far less likely to be manipulated with all the nasty stuff a lot of the modern wines often try to get fancy with. 

All of Peciña's Rioja Altas I've tasted have been excellent, and their entire catalog's bang for the buck has been practically shocking to me. This one, the Cosecha, is the entry offering of the bodega (winery,) and it's an unoaked "joven" (literally, "young," meaning that it is meant to be consumed without much aging,) and it is fantastic, low price or not. The youth of the wine means it is fairly fruit forward with blueberry and blackberry flavors, but Peciña's old school sensibility keeps it earthy, spicy, complex, and with a healthy balance of acid. This is a blend but 97% is Tempranillo, and the fruit plays a starring role as this beautiful wine is fermented and matured in stainless steel - no oak at all - which makes it really lively and fresh.

I've rarely tasted a wine at this price point with so much character. Find ithe 2009 Peciña Cosecha at K&L for $13.99, but the real deal is it Premiere Cru, where it can be found, while it lasts, for $9.99