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Sean Thackrey - Pleiades XX 

Thackrey's old vine red blend ($24), his 20th bottling of it, is an incredibly fun wine.  I decanted it for an hour and in my first glass, I could discern several of the grapes in the blend quite distinctly (pinot noir, sangiovese, mourvedre and petit sirah were all coming in loud and clear) -- so I'd say I wasn't finding a lot of integration with this wine. I was thinking maybe it needs some more cellar time, afterall it was just bottled in February. But then again, it was also kinda fun having my tongue hit all these different grapes: a wino's version of the Willy Wonka's gobstopper.  After another hour, there was much more integration, and then it was almost reminding me, strangely, of a nebbiolo, and even of some Barolo's I've had -- deceptively light in color, and both bright and dark fruit on the nose and palate, anchored by firm (but not overly grippy) tannins and some earthy tar, kirsh, and spice on the finish.  So interesting.  Alcohol is a bit hot on this wine, but it's such a good time you don't care.  Get it while you can -- rumor is this may be the last Pleiades, frowny face :(